‘Lookism’ Webtoon Artist, Park Tae Joon Tests Positive For COVID19

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‘Lookism’ webtoon artist, Park Tae Joon tests positive for COVID19


There  have been a recent surge in the number of infected patients with the coronavirus in Korea.


Previously, actor Kim won Hae tested positive for the virus as well as Seo Sung Jong. Filmings for upcoming or ongoing drama had to be halted for fear of further infecting anyone else.


‘Do Do Sol La Sol’ has been halted as well the play, ‘Jjamppong’ and the drama ‘To All The Guys Who Loved Me’.

Now a webtoon artist and TV personality, Park Tae Joon has tested positive.

His agency SidusHQ said, “Park Tae Joon has tested positive for COVID19. However, we are unsure of when and where he contracted the virus.”



It was revealed the popular webtoon artist has not been active in broadcast shows, so he did not come in close contact with the staff members or travel to the company building.

Park Tae Joon become famous through the TV comedy ‘Ulljjang Sidae’ (literal translation: The Age Of the good looking).

He then changed his career path of a webtoon artist, he is currently working on the webtoon series titled ‘Lookism’


Many Koreans are placing the blame on the churches. There was recorded a high number of outbreaks in the Love First Church, a gathering managed by Park Kwang Hoon.

The church recently held a massive rally, despite the ban on collective gatherings.



As an avid reader of ‘Lookism’ and a fan of Park Tae Joon. I wish he recovers speedily.

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