October 8, 2022
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Son Ye Jin And Kang Ha Neul In Talks To Lead Together In New Historical Drama

Son Ye Jin And Kang Ha Neul In Talks To Lead Together In New Historical Drama


Son Ye Jin and Kang Ha Neul may be coming back with a historical drama!


On August 25, Sports Seoul reported that Son Ye Jin was currently considering the role of lead in the drama “Cut by the Heart” (literal title)


In response to the reports, Son Ye Jin’s agency MS Team Entertainment clarified, “It’s one of the projects she has received offers for, and nothing is decided yet.” They continued, “Currently, Son Ye Jin is fine-tuning the details for her next project, the Hollywood film ‘Cross.’”

This upcoming drama tells the tragic love story between Princess Pyeonggang and Dal. The princess uses Dal’s feelings to her advantage and Dal, in love keeps making foolish sacrifices.


If Son Ye Jin accepts the offer to star in “Cut by the Heart,” it will be her first historical drama since SBS’s “The Great Ambition” in 2002. Previously, Son Ye Jin has also starred in the historical films “The Pirates” in 2014 and “The Last Princess” in 2016. Her performance in “The Last Princess” merited many awards including the Grand Bell Awards, Blue Dragon Film Awards, Korean Film Producers Association Awards, Korean Association of Film Critics Awards, Film Award of the Year, and the Baeksang Arts Awards.

It was also reported on the same day that Actor, Kang Ha Neul was given an offer to play On Dal, the main character of “Cut by the Heart”. His company stated, “Kang Ha Neul has received an offer to star in the new drama ‘Cut by the Heart’ and is reviewing it.”


“Cut by the Heart” will be produced by Victory Contents, and helmed by producing director (PD) Yoon Sang Ho.

He is famous for his work on SBS’s “Saimdang, Light’s Dairy”, MBC’s “Different Dreams” and TV Chosun’s “King Maker: The Change of Destiny’



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