Ju Ji Hoon Will Be Joining Jun Ji Hyun In A New Drama By “Kingdom” Writer

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Ju Ji Hoon Will Be Joining Jun Ji Hyun In A New Drama By “Kingdom” Writer

Jun Ji Hyun and Ju JI Hoon Will be starring alongside each other in a new drama!


It was reported earlier this year, that Korean Actor Ju Ji Hoon was extended an offer to star in “Mount Jiri” (working title) alongside Jun Ji Hyun. It was confirmed on September 4 that he has accepted the offer.

The drama “Mount Jiri” is about Park rangers who work to rescue people at Mount Jiri.

Jun Ji Hyun will play Seo Yi Kang, a top ranger who knows everything when it comes to navigating Mount Jiri National Park.

Ju Ji Hoon’s character Kang Hyun Jo is a military academy graduate with a deep secret, he joins as a new ranger and becomes Seo Yi Kang’s partner.

“Mount Jiri” is written by Kim Eun Hee who is famous for her dramas including “Sign”, “Ghost”, “Three days”, “Signal” and the popular “Kingdom” series.

“Mount Jiri” will be directed by Lee Eung Bok who has worked on “Dream High” series, “School 2013”, “Descendants of the sun”, “Goblin” and ‘Mr Sunshine”


The drama “Mount Jiri” is all set to begin filming in mid September and will premiere in 2021




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