December 1, 2022
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Check Out The Event Review Episode 1 and 2.

Check Out The Event Review Episode 1 and 2.

On August 15, 2021, MBC aired a new drama called “Check Out The Event.”

The drama focuses on two people that broke up and wins a couple vacation trip, they had signed up for two months before their break up. The two decided to go on the trip and must now pretend to be a couple.

The “Check Out The Event” cast includes Bang Min Ah, Kwon Hwa Woon and Ahn Woo Yeon.
The drama has already aired — episodes which we will be reviewing today.


The first episode of the drama clears things for us by showing us how the couple, Ha Songyi and Park Do Kyum broke up. The drama left the plot feeling interesting by leaving the reason they broke up unknown. As the episode goes on we get to see more of their personalities. In my opinion MBC did a great job by keeping the progression of the drama light and comedic enough to make you laugh, while enjoying the drama.
In the late stages of the first episode, we were introduced to a second male lead, Seo Ji Kang, who happens to be the guide tour for the trip. The way he is introduced makes us feel the second lead vibe. (You can feel it, if your a professional Kdrama fan.)

Summary of First episode.

As the first episode comes to a close, it makes you start to wish that the Seo Ji Kang and Ha Sonyi ends up together.
The first episode introduces us to the concept and plot of the drama and starts our second lead syndrome with some light, comedic and not so emotional scenes.


The start of the second episode shows us more of the people on the trip. It shows us the couples interactions with each other. Still going with a light and comedic plot, the start of the second episode really makes you crack up. You will also see the first ”charismatic” encounter between the first male lead and the second male lead(Park Do Kyum and Seo Ji Kang), beginning our love triangle. As it progresses, more emotion is added into this episode. The story of how the couple met is revealed, but MBC still managed to keep the drama light.

In this episode, we get to see the start of the Seo Ji Kang’s feelings for Ha Songyi as he cares for Ha Songyi even more. We also get to see Park Do Kyum show his feeling towards Ha Songyi in ways that she can’t notice.
(Warning: It might not be enough to get you to wish Park Do Kyum and Ha Songyi end up together, but just enough to get you torn up between the love triangle.)
As it comes to an end it introduces us to a peculiar character, Jang Ru Ri. The male leads interactions with her bring more light as to why the couple broke up.

In the closing parts of the drama, Seo Ji Kang feelings are confirmed and the real love triangle starts. We see Ha Songyi start to get torn between the two leads. At certain points the second lead (Seo Ji Kang) seems like he begins to win her heart.

I think this drama might be good, if MBC steers it towards the right path. The only thing that’s missing in my opinion is the lack of ability to really enhance some of the emotions. But I love the way they kept the drama light.
The drama is enjoyable, funny and easy to follow through but doesn’t really have a very grasping story plot. Thanks to the nice acting and well written comedy scenes, it may get addictive. I wait to see how the drama progresses.
Warning: If this drama ends up being good, it may bring a severe case of Second Lead Syndrome for half the people who watch it. If you do not know what Second Lead syndrome is reach out to me for explanations on Instagram @Theasiane.
I really recommend this drama to those who want a rom-com with drama that won’t overwhelm you with the plot. But if you are searching for thrillers or something that will make you jump off your sit, you might like to view The Devil Judge and Vincenzo.
Are you watching this drama? If no will you be watching it?


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