EXO Baekhyun Opens Up About His Worries That Fans Will Forget Him

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EXO Baekhyun Opens Up About His Worries That Fans Will Forget Him 


EXK Baekhyun opened up about his personal fears as he expressed his love for fans during his online fan meeting. 
Baekhyun held a special V Live broadcast “CanDelight Shop” on June 13. During the Q&A, the Korean pop idol revealed how hard he had worked for his latest solo track “Candy”
“We really tore ‘Candy’ apart and put it back together so many times,” said Baekhyun, recalling that he had rerecorded the whole song from the very beginning after deciding that he didn’t like the initial recording. “The song was a new kind of challenge for me, and when I recorded it the first time, I wasn’t satisfied with it. I rerecorded it so many times.”
Baekhyun went on, “While promoting ‘Candy,’ I tried to show a lot of different sides of myself. Even though I was tired, I went to take lessons every night.”
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“I worry a lot that one day, I won’t inspire any emotions at all in EXO-L—that I’ll become someone for whom EXO-L don’t feel anything anymore. So I’m going to keep working hard in the future, and I intend to spend a lot of time together with you. I hope we keep walking together for a long time.”
He confessed. 
“If we walk together, I have faith that our road will be a happy one,” he continued. “So please don’t walk ahead of me, and please don’t fall behind me, either. I hope we’ll walk together standing side by side. EXO-L, I love you a lot.”
Beakhyun shared his wish to see his fans but regretted that he could not due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
 “I’m a spontaneous person who likes to improvise, so I feel like these kinds of restrictions make it impossible for me to display my own style and colour [as a singer],” he lamented. “I like being able to have fun together while standing before you so that I can look at you while communicating and talking to you. That’s why I’ve been commenting a lot on social media.”
“I’m sad that we aren’t able to meet and do things together offline, but we need to stay healthy in order to see each other for a long time in the future and to be happy,” said Baekhyun. “So don’t be too sad. I’ll come to see you guys on V Live or other social media platforms. I hope that you can spend a sweet and cool summer together with me.”

However, he was comforted in knowing that he could still communicate with fans through the online fan meeting.  
I feel sad that he would even think of such a thing.  It only serves to remind that despite all, they are still humans.
He later remarked “As I always say, I want to make you happy, and I hope you’re happy. So I’m glad that even in these difficult times, we’re at least able to meet like this.”
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