December 1, 2022
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Our beloved summer tops Netflix as the number one most watched drama

                Netflix has been named king of movies worldwide. With the wide range of movies on Netflix, some may find it hard to decide what to watch.

                But it has turned out the majority of Netizens all have the same idea as the viewership ratings for Choi Woo Shik and Kim Dami’s “Our Beloved Summer” keep on rising. Choi Woo Shik and Kim Dami’s re-union in our beloved summer has got Netizens swooning over them.

                In an updated version of Netflix’s ‘Today Top 10 Show in Korea’, “Our Beloved Summer” tops the rankings as 1st place, followed by “Single Inferno” as 2nd, “The Silent Sea” as 3rd and dramas such as “Bulgasal”, “Goblin”, “The hungry and the hairy” and “Itaewon Class” among the No. 4 to No.10 rank.

                Kook Yeon Soo and Choi Ung showcase their brilliant chemistry in “Our Beloved Summer”, but some argue that NJ and Choi Ung will be a better match.

So the question is which couple would you like to see end up together? Nj and Choi Ung? Or Kook Yeon Soo and Choi Ung?


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