December 1, 2022
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Twenty five Twenty one review

“Vincenzo” was all about the mafia and romance, “Squid Game” was as exciting as playing a game, “All Of Us Are Dead” really did kill us and now a surprising new drama is throwing us off our feet with diverse emotions. Nam Joo-hyuk and Kim Tae-ri’s new drama, “Twenty five Twenty one” has brought in a new feeling and has garnered the attention of many viewers. The youth drama has remained no. 1 since it began airing, showing how much attention it has garnered.
In this review, I’ll be summarizing the first two episodes, so as to ensure I don’t give any spoilers for those who haven’t set their eyes on this beautiful drama.

Most of the dramas on my watchlist are pure action, romance or comedy. When this drama came out, I didn’t really think I would be able to watch it because I saw no gripping point in the storyline, but I decided to give it a try and I definitely did not regret it.

When I began watching this drama, the first thing that caught my attention was the concept. The way the drama was based on the 1990s but they still managed to intertwine it with the modern-day and the way both the storyline of the modern-day and the 1990s were heading the same way without leaking too much to make the drama predictable.
In the first episode we got to meet Na Hee-Do, a determined, bold and stubborn 18 year old who says whatever is on her mind. She is determined to be a professional fencer, so every Saturday, she goes to watch her idol practice. Her idol is a national gold medal winner and is currently still in high school. She goes by Ko Yurim and is the best fencer in her school’s fencing club.

When the IMF crisis makes Na Hee-Do’s school shut down their fencing club, Na Hee-Do decides to go against all odds and her famous and annoyingly persistent mother to join Ko Yurims school and become a part of the fencing club.

After so many comedic failed attempts including one where she tries to get arrested, she finally succeeds. But before that, she meets, Baek Yi-jin, a conglomerates son whose family has gone bankrupt due to the IMF crisis.
She and Baek Yi-jin become friends due to the situations they happen to run into each other.
She starts at the new school, where she meets Ji Seung-Wan, who is at the top of the school and her brother from another mother, class seven’s pretty boy, Moon Ji-ung.

As the drama goes on, the characters’ stories all intertwine, leaving a very beautiful storyline to be witnessed. The ability of the drama to mix both comedy and romance together, while emphasizing the struggles and problems they face without losing the concept of youth is something most dramas have not been able to achieve.

This drama is a germ that should be watched. The unique acting of the various actors helps you to really dive into the drama and you will be wanting more before you know it.


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